Frequently Asked Questions

All your burning questions, answered! Or so we hope! 

What is Tandem? 
Tandem is a radical new take on the water enhancer. Tandem’s three flavors liven up your boring glass of water without the guilt of added sugars, sweeteners or artificial flavors

How do I use Tandem? 
Mix Tandem with 8 oz. of water, seltzer, or any drink. Stir until the powder is completely dissolved. Add more water to dilute the taste to your liking!

Where is Tandem made? 
Tandem is made in the USA

How many servings in one packet?
We suggest one 8 oz glass of water for 1 packet but feel free to play around! 1 serving per packet.

How many stick packs come in a box? 
The multi-pack offers 30 stick packs; 10 stick packs per flavor.

The single flavor packs offer 30 stick packs of flavor. 

Is Tandem safe for kids? 
Yes, tandem is safe and healthy for both adults and kids. 

Does Tandem go bad? 
We recommend drinking Tandem within a few hours of your first preparing it. 


Lemon Lime: Tapioca Maltodextrin, Natural Lemon Flavor, GInger Root, Natural Lime Flavor, Natural Flavor

Coconut Mango: Tapioca Maltodextrin, Natural Coconut Flavor, Dried Tumeric, Natural Flavor, Natural Mango Flavor

Strawberry Lemonade: Tapioca Maltodextrin, Natural Lemon Flavor, Natural
Strawberry Flavor, Beet Root Powder, Natural Flavor

What is Tapioca Maltodextrin? 
Tapioca Maltodextrin is a starch that is derived from cassava root. Cassava root is commonly used in many food products and particularly popular in keto and paleo diet.

How many calories in Tandem?
Each serving of Tandem contains 10 calories.

There are clumps of powder floating at the top of my drink. Is that normal? 

Yes, clumping is normal. Our powder is sugar-free which is why the powder clumps sometimes. It is also normal to see a small amount of sediment at the bottom of your glass after stirring in the powder. 

Does Tandem contain any allergens? 
Coconut Mango contains Tree Nuts. 

Does Tandem have any certifications? 
Not at the moment but we’re working hard on it! Tandem is non-GMO, Vegan, Keto & Paleo Friendly and Gluten Free. 

What are your packets made of? 
Right now, they are made of plastic but we are working on launching 60% compostable packs by 2021.

Why are you only 90% recyclable?
Our box & sticker are entirely compostable and/or recyclable - whatever is easiest and most convenient for you. Unfortunately our stick packs are not recyclable at the moment but we hope to change that by early 2021!


What is Tandem’s return policy?
We stand fully behind our products. If you aren’t 100% satisfied, contact to initiate the refund process. Please share your input & why you’re requesting a refund so that we may strive to make your customer experience better in the future.

Where does Tandem ship to? 
Tandem ships to the lower 48 states.

How does the subscription work? 
Tandem subscription sends you a new 30 pack every 30 days. You can change or cancel your subscriptions any time through your account. We’ll also give you a friendly heads up in advance of your renewal if you need to make any changes.

Can I place an order without having a subscription?
Yes! You can place a one-time order for $24 per box through our website.

When will my order arrive? 
Your order will be shipped within two (2) days of your order being placed and will arrive within 5-7 days.

Can I amend or cancel my subscription? 
Yes, you can either amend or cancel your subscription by contacting us at

More questions? Email us at and we’ll get back to you ASAP!