About Us

Tandem started with the idea that hydration should be fun, flavorful and always natural, providing flavorful hydration with functional ingredients that benefit your body.

I had the idea of Tandem while I was 4 months pregnant. I was constantly lugging around my water bottle but not actually drinking it.  I was aware of the benefits of drinking water and staying hydrated but I had a hard time constantly drinking plain water.  As an avid consumer of flavored waters and sparkling seltzers,  I was searching for an eco-friendly, healthier option, essentially a drink mix so I could cut down on my packaging.

After all, I only wanted the flavor (rather than the water itself). However every drink mix on the market either contained caffeine, sweeteners, additional electrolytes, or so much sugar it might as well be a soda. I decided to create my own solution and voila, Tandem! 

While Tandem is a better-for-you product, I believe we can also be a better-for-the earth and better-for- community company. When I first started Tandem, we designed it around three pillars:

  1. You: Hydration is the first step in adopting healthy habits. Dehydration is often confused with hunger which leads to overeating. Sufficient hydration also helps with digestion, metabolism and reducing brain fog. 

  2. Earth: Tandem’s multipack carton and sticker are compostable. I believe Tandem is the step in the right direction when it comes to minimizing waste and carbon footprints in the single serve, ready to drink beverage market. Next step: compostable stick packs! 

  3. Community: Tandem donates a portion of our profits to the Central Texas Food Bank to help with community food insecurity. 

It really is better water for GOODNESS sake!

- Kate Herling, CEO & Founder