Happy Earth Day! 2021

Happy Earth Day! 2021

Shoutout to planet Earth! She keeps us grounded

When we first created Tandem, we had a number of things we wanted to tackle when putting a new better-for-you product out on the market. So pretend your last meeting went long and learn more about our commitment to sustainability. 


~ We are committed to providing a sugar-free drink mix that is better for you, which means we are making sure our suppliers are committed to the same values. We source from top tier suppliers that are committed to biodiversity and treating our environmental and human partners with dignity all while ensuring highest standards of quality for our powder and packaging.


~ We aim to take up less space in your cupboards and in your recycling bins. Single use bottles and cans make up close to 10 million tons of waste in our oceans. We include 30 stick packs of flavor in each box so that's 30 less single serve beverage containers in the bin!


~ We want to be carbon negative when delivering Tandem right to your doorstep. Limiting our carbon emissions means healthier air for you, your family, and friends. We aim to be carbon neutral by 2022 and carbon negative by 2023. Now you can do your dragon breath in yoga with confidence that your air intake is a priority for Tandem! 


So we mean it when we say better water for GOODNESS sake!