And the award goes to...

And the award goes to...

The Golden Globes were on Sunday and various actresses/actors walked away with either an award or wearing Joey Tribbiani's gracious loser face. Nonetheless, we want to share our own winners...specifically winning hydration articles we stumbled upon this weekend.

The 7 Best Times to Drink Water

This winning article is all about the best ways to use water to "boost your mood, support your weight, and sharpen your focus by knowing when and how much to hydrate."

Can Dehydration Affect Your Eyes?

What is your body trying to tell you? Drink a glass of water and read this article about how dehydration can affect your eyes. 

The Queen's Gambit Declares the Side Part Lives On

Gen Zers have rocked the Millenial world by saying the side part hairstyle has been shown the door...but Anya Taylor-Joy says otherwise and then proved it at the Golden Globes.

Yes, I realize this article has nothing to do with water but this is just as important!